Retreat Faculty

 Faculty Members are listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name. 

 Ann Acheson, Coach & Facilitator, New Hampshire, US

Acheson.jpgWith the background of a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University, and massage therapy training several years after that, Ann has combined her deep interest in health, the unfolding of one's personal growth process, and accessing information from the collective unconscious, to form a unique bodywork practice that she has been building for the past 20 years. She delights in being part of and facilitating woman's circles, and takes great joy in witnessing women expand into their capacity to live a fully engaged life. She lives with her husband and cat in southern New Hampshire.

 Emanuela Barbi, Coach & Facilitator, Italy

Emanuela.jpgEmanuela graduated in Computer Science at the Turin University in 1983, she has developed her managerial career into the Aerospace & Defence industry and is currently working as Intellectual Property Senior Manager in a sector leading company.

With a strong background in software engineering and project management, she mastered the processes of innovation, knowledge and training management by leading many R&D departments and collaborating with several Universities. She also accomplished the development of a Corporate Academy for Advanced Training.

Throughout long-standing fieldwork and continuous education to manage human resources and to lead integrated project teams, she acquired consistent soft skills in emotional intelligence, team building, change management and coaching. 

Always committed to promote the women leadership, in 2016 she joined the CIYO Community to contribute to the purpose.

She lives in Rome, has two beloved sons and spends free time enjoying full immersions in nature, culture and sports.  

Magda Barceló, Coach & Facilitator, Spain

Barcelo.jpgMagda is an experienced organizational consultant, integral coach and facilitator. Her passion is to support individuals and organizations in realizing their highest potential. Originally from Spain, she works internationally as a consultant in the fields of organizational development and facilitation. She has worked for diverse clients such as the Red Cross, the European Commission, Glaxo Smithkline, Unilever and local cooperatives, among others. Fluent in five languages, she holds a degree in Business Administration by the Rovira i Virgili University held in Spain, France, Italy and the UK and a masters in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics. She is a practitioner of the Art of Hosting participatory leadership movement and is deepening her practice of Theory U and embodiment.

She is married and lives in Spain. She finds great joy in walking in the nature with her dog Puca, practicing yoga, writing and painting. 

Dorian Baroni, Coach & Facilitator, US and Europe


Dorian is an executive coach, leadership programs and retreats faculty, and organizational advisor. Her business experience has spanned a variety of industries - investment banking, global energy, consumer goods and art retail - and a number of countries - UK, US, Venezuela, Italy, and Belgium.

One of her core beliefs is that a leader's individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today's global challenges. And as a business woman, she is particularly passionate about the role and power of feminine leadership to support the evolution of global mindsets, social systems and models of economic impact. "I work with both individuals and organizational teams. I help individuals develop a higher quality of transformational self-awareness, so as to enable courses of action in which the truth of one's individual calling and the power of one's true gifts can more clearly 'show up'. When working with organizations, I look for the patterns in the organizational culture, systems or structures - whether hidden conflicts or self-defeating strategies - which are getting in the way of the creative potential of collective endeavors. Bringing to light such patterns allows for a different level of conversations in which the truth about such 'stuckness' can be seen, voiced and ultimately transformed." Dorian currently lives in the US and resides in Arizona.

Annette Beerens, Coach, Facilitator and horticultural therapist, The Netherlands


Open, honest, deeply spiritual, nature lover. Grounded in the art of Being. Annette offers a wide safe natural space to encounter new questions as well as hidden talent in your own life.

Since 2011 affiliated with CIYO, via dear friend Danielle Doeve. As a therapist and solopreneur with over 25 years of experience, she has guided many individuals through life changes by using her connection with Nature. 

Licensed Horticultural Therapist, Nature coach, Vision Quest leader, facilitator and teacher. She worked for several health care centers and has taught lessons of Nature in all kinds of educational settings. Annette has also received unique training at the School of Lost Borders in guiding Vision Quests and The Practice of Living and Dying.

She recovered from colon cancer in 2019. Therefore especially experienced in holding space for life in all it’s mystery to flow through her body. She lives with her 10 year old son, Kadir, in a small wooden house between the trees near the town of Nijmegen, in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. With her life partner Mylène and her daughter Mila nearby.

Vesselina Blagoeva, Facilitator, Sophia, Bulgaria

vessie.jpgVesselina works as a business lawyer and mediator. Her professional focus is to support communication and dialogue on various levels. In her practice of business she is a solution-finder, assisting and encouraging her clients to use different methods of alternative dispute resolutions and bringing together counter positions.

She is a development practitioner specializing in individual and organizational learning, women's leadership and personal growth. Her passion is to help people blossom and live their lives at the level of their true potential. Vesselina is a founder of AleKo Foundation, a social enterprise committed to supporting children and women through growth and change with programs for development, art and creativity. She is also a writer and artist. She lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has a daughter at 14, Bozhana. Vesselina speaks Bulgarian, English and Russian.

Karen Bummele, Coach, Facilitator, & Yoga Teacher, New York, US

Bummele.jpgKaren is deeply passionate about empowering mindful living, conscious leadership, and awakening possibilities and potential. Her expertise and innovation in the areas of diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, visioning, women’s leadership, and community building, has led her to lead numerous large-scale initiatives bridging organizations, government, and corporations towards sustainable collaborations and collective impact.

As an executive, leadership and life coach and facilitator, she works globally across wide ranging fields and sectors. She is additionally a registered yoga teacher specializing in restorative yoga and Urban Zen integrative modalities. Her own personal path of deepening mindfulness and presence based practices has inspired her to inspire others to discover the power of pause and “whole” self. Our outer journey is truly fulfilled when it is aligned with our inner journey so that we can take bold, authentic, purposeful steps in all walks of our journey.

Burcu Çakin, Coach & Facilitator, Turkey


Burcu is an International Coach Federation certified professional coach, working with individuals and corporations, primarily on change, development and transition. She practices her profession under her company Yalman & Yalman Co. Her niche area is women empowerment. Besides being the Turkey Representative and Faculty for CIYO, she works as a faculty leader and executive coach in Adler Turkey, an ICF accredited coach training institute with HQ in Toronto.

Prior to coaching and training, during her 13 years in finance, Burcu worked at various positions in international and local financial institutions, such as the World Bank, Global Securities and Europhoenix; and as an entrepreneur in her firm Fora Corporate Finance, a boutique corporate finance advisory firm working primarily with SMEs and private equity funds. Burcu has substantial experience in cross-cultural environments: she has worked and managed projects in Turkey, USA, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan.

Burcu holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Bogazici University (Istanbul) and an MBA from George Washington University (Washington DC). She speaks English fluently and has a good command of French. She enjoys music, reading and traveling. As a mother of two children, she likes to spend her spare times with her family in the nature and on the sea.

Barbara Cecil, CIYO co-founder, Coach & Facilitator, US 

Cecil.jpegBarbara works as a thinking partner, coach and guide for leaders in organizations which are involved in renewal processes. She teaches core leadership skills for senior executives who are interested in new forms of team governance. Since 1987, Barbara has pioneered the discipline of dialogue as a foundational capacity for large systems change. Barbara developed The Symbols Way process, a tool for discerning one's path forward in a way that reflects calling at current stages of one's life.

Barbara specializes in community dialogue, corporate and non-profit change initiatives, and support for women in transition. Prior to her work as a consultant, Barbara was Executive Director of the American-Soviet Film Initiative, established to dissolve stereotypes sustained by top image makers in the media, (Moscow/Los Angeles); She was Associate Dean of the School of Humanities at California State University, Long Beach. Barbara is also an artist.

Peri Chickering, Coach & Facilitator, New Hampshire, US


Peri currently works as a Senior Consultant for Dialogos. Historically, she spent years as a professional mountaineer, guide, and experiential educator. With the outdoors as the classroom, she traveled to many parts the world creating and leading wilderness based leadership experiences for individuals and groups. Much of this worked centered around creating multicultural leadership development programs for both youth and adults, including bringing the first group of Soviet youth into South Africa and the first tri-lateral exchange between Soviet, Hungarian, and Americans in the United States. As an outgrowth of these pursuits, she went on to raise the funds, train and develop local staff, and start new leadership schools in several countries including Brazil, Bulgaria, and South Africa. She holds a Masters Degree in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Institute.

Elizabeth Davis, Board Member & Facilitator, Vermont, US

Elizabeth Davis is a 16-year veteran and now retiree of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group (WBG). She led broad organizational change initiatives with courage and motivational leadership, and in her last three years managed the WBG/IFC’s two premier leadership development programs to create diverse and committed leaders in mid-level, senior and nonmanagerial ranks of the organization. Liz is inspired by and seeks to support women in their search for a meaningful life. CIYO has been the anchor in her own transformational journey since 2009. For balance and joy, Liz finds refuge in central VT where she and her husband steward a piece of land and connect with the seasons, enjoying sauna, gardening, and baking bread.


Daniëlle Doeve, Coach & Facilitator, The Netherlands


Daniëlle is a natural connector of people, practices and ideas.

She is the founder of Hartskracht (HeartFire). As coach and trainer, Daniëlle helps to unlock the full potential of the people she works with and to connect them to their purpose in life. She is educated at Phoenix Education and skilled in Constellation Work & NLP.

She has worked for Nuon, an important Dutch energy company for 15 years. Her main focus was to increase customer and employee satisfaction. She created awareness on the importance of a Caring Customer Service and on an environment that is based on interconnectedness. Now, self employed, she facilitates Personal Development Programs and Inner Quests for Female Leaders in organizations to help them to lead from within in this time of transition.

Music is an important inspirational force to her. Together with her husband she organizes concerts that set the human heart on fire. Her heart is her inner compass in life and leads her again and again to fertile grounds. Daniëlle is married to Jeroen and they live with their two children Roman and Isobel in Amsterdam IJburg.  

Lyedie Geer, Coach & Facilitator, New Hampshire, US


Lyedie is an intuitive and skillful Integral Master Coach, facilitator and leadership consultant. She helps people and organizations fulfill their potential by bringing proven leading edge theory about creativity, leadership and human development into practice. As her practice evolved over the years, she developed a focus on women’s lives and leadership and she delights in holding women’s circles in a variety of settings. She offers a deeply felt and fully researched understanding of the phases of our lives, how we define and redefine success along the way and what contributes to confidence, creativity and our sense of connection. With quiet appreciation and deftly wielded insight, Lyedie clears a path to fulfilling the promise of who we are.

Vintage 1958, she stands proud as the mother of three strong and lovely daughters and now two freshly minted grandchildren. She finds great pleasure in hunting for edible wild greens and mushrooms, dancing, creative writing, hiking, and an active yoga and meditation practice. In the summer she delights in paddle-boarding on the lakes near her home. She lives with her youngest daughter, Madelin, and they enjoy community life in the Central New England river valley town of Walpole, New Hampshire, USA.

Myriam Ines Giangiacomo, Coach & Facilitator, Rome, Italy


Myriam Ines is a philosopher, an entrepreneur, a change and leadership advisor, an executive coach, a counsellor and facilitator.  After having worked for over thirty years within HR, holding management roles in several large companies and in a large multinational consulting firm she founded Bottega filosofica.  She concentrates on strategic consulting in the field of social innovation, organizational and personal development as well as leadership. A specialist in business ethics, Myriam Ines combines the unique point of view and methods of the philosophical practitioner with solid corporate background. Having a strong aptitude for organizational innovation and design of new organizational and management systems, she has been involved in several business start-ups and has managed numerous complex change and transition projects during her career. 

Now she uses her acquired experience in philosophical practice, counseling, coaching and systems thinking to help organizations and individuals, mainly in phases of growth, change and transition, to better understand themselves and reality and to define and achieve their goals, setting free the existing resources and potential developing their leadership, systemic vision and collective intelligence.

She lives in Rome. She is married to Renzo and they have a son, Francesco.

Silvia Gollini Daum, Coach & Facilitator, France & Italy


Silvia grew up in Italy and obtained a Master's Degree in Economy from the University of Bologna, a Master Degree in Training, a specialization in Psychosocioanalysis and another in coaching. As an HR consultant since the mid 90s, she has worked for some of the major consultancy firms in Italy. Silvia has lived in Paris since 2005, while working both in Italy and in France. Her core competency areas are consultancy, facilitation, coaching, and collective intelligence process. Silvia is Managing Partner of Nexus and has worked extensively in most private sectors, doing projects in Diversity & Inclusion, leadership, management, creativity, innovation and systemic thinking. She has worked with a lot of different kind of clients in different sectors such as banking, insurance, cosmetics, high-technology, food and transports. She is a Visiting Lecturer at ESSEC Business School for Organizational Behaviour and Leadership. She is passionate about everything around sustainable development and ecology, and she is very active in her community participating and leading initiatives around the emergency of a different future. She loves cooking and she shares her organic recipes on her blog. She is married to Matthieu, and has two daughters, Charlotte and Gabrielle.

Stéphanie Leonard, Board Member, Coach & Facilitator, France


After having had a rich and busy career of 18 years in the sector of recruitment, Stéphanie founded Aimotion. As a certified coach and trainer, she offers a full range of services for men and women in career management.   Her effective and alternative approaches based on systemic coaching using collective intelligence processes and dialogues, allow her clients to revitalize their professional careers in tune with their personal values. Stéphanie also works together with Pluribus Europe as a diversity and inclusion professional assisting clients to create a culture of inclusion. Her passion is to help women and men to model their professional activities as a source of well-being. Stéphanie is 43, married to Gilles and is based in Paris. Together they have a 12-year-old daughter, Margaux.

Cécile Masson, Board Member, Author and Poet, Coach & Facilitator, Europe


Cécile is the author of the epistolary novel Rose, letters of love to life, that invites the reader to ponder on spiritual practices, the presence of human kind in nature and to slow down to reclaim the sense of our sensing.

An independent consultant since two decades, she dedicated her energy to bringing harmony and mutual understanding to strengthen cooperation and co-creation. She supports leaders and their team to unfold their potential through dialogue and to being more connected to themselves. She invites them to dare including the intelligence of the heart in all conversations.

Cécile is a polyglot, an mBIT trainer, a new emerging field that weaves neuroscience with old wisdom traditions, and holds a BAH in English Literature and Communication.
In the last years, she held a learn- and sharing circle for female government executives across political parties in The Netherlands and has the great pleasure to be working with Pluribus Europe as a Senior Associate. As a faculty member and mentor of "Coming Into Your Own", she holds women's leadership retreats in the local language in several European Countries.
Cécile Masson was born in Zürich, Switzerland and settled in The Netherlands after having lived and worked in various European countries.

She is a mother of two grown-up children and gets inspiration from nature and the Arts.

Daniela Mattia, Coach & Facilitator, Italy


Computer science “addicted”, manager, pink lady, business development consultant, trainer, coach, all in more than thirty years of work experience. She has always operated in the ICT world with major incursions in the way culture arts area, holding management positions in large companies and a large multinational American ICT company. Since 2008 is on the market as a freelance developing and cultivating the fundamental skill for the development of enterprise, innovation, creativity, technology and attention to human resources. She has a Degree in Computer Science has always preferred the innovation and technology, but as a good right brain thinker has developed her own way of approaching the business development, thanks to insights on creativity, complexity, environmental sustainability and ethics, authentic leadership.  This tendency has led her to play a prominent role in EMEA in the management of start-ups. Has a natural flair for problem solving and large team-building skills. Active in social work at the national and local level always prefers to mix the beauty and technology, art and numbers. She takes care of her personal development nurturing herself at least 10 days of training per year and immersing herself in various readings.  She is married, mother of two girls. She loves the outdoors where practice her favorite sports, jogging, nordic walking, swimming and yoga.  She frequents the theater and listens to music.

Sarah-Jane Menato, Coach & Facilitator, UK


Sarah-Jane works as a coach, consultant and workshop leader in the UK. She founded a community collaboration that supports and trains enterprising women who want to start and run their own businesses. Sarah-Jane has a particular gift helping women assume their unique leadership stance as they pioneer new ways to work, earn money, and define success on their own terms. As an integral part of the UK’s “Coming Into Your Own” leadership and personal development program, Sarah-Jane uses “The Symbols Way” in her coaching practice for both individuals and groups. She is available in the UK and via Skype.

Tanya Monsef Bunger, Coach & Facilitator, US

Tanya is a leader in many national national and international organizations supporting women and entrepreneurship, and has a background of 25+ years of Silicon Valley high tech, startups and non-profit business success in the areas of finance, marketing and strategy. She is a global business coach and facilitator specializing in cross-cultural understanding and has coached and delivered programs with leaders from 40+ countries.  Tanya designs leadership training, leads workshops, provides one-on-one coaching, and facilitates conversations with clients around the world and speaks globally about the power of leading from authenticity as a way to create harmony in the workplace.  

She is a Dean's Executive Professor, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University (SCU), CA and is active in various community programs and non-profits, has served as Chair of the Board for Global Women’s Leadership Network, co-founder of SF Turkish Women’s International Network chapter, and on the Advisory Board for My Own Business Institute, as an advisor for the Iranian Federated Women’s Club, and program director of the Global Fellows program at SCU.  

Tanya has been recognized for excellence by receiving the Tribute to Women in Industry Award. A native of the Silicon Valley, Tanya holds a B.S. degree in finance from Santa Clara University along with graduate coursework from the University of Southern California.

Amel Murphy, Coach & Facilitator, UK


Amel is an Organizational Learning Consultant. Her work includes leadership development, dialogue, large-scale participative change interventions and development of women leaders. Combining personal enthusiasm and practical experience, she creates an environment in which individuals can listen and think together to produce new, powerful and sustainable outcomes.

Amel has over 15 years of international experience with business, government, non-profits and global energy. Her clients have included Eneos, BP, ExxonMobil, British Gas, British Telecom, Wokingham Council, Oxfam, NatWest, VSO, Reading Football Club and Berkshire Mental Health Services.

Amel is a human structural dynamics practitioner. She is accredited in Myers Briggs, FIRO-B and Behavioral propensities profile (BPP). She holds an MS degree in Organisational Development from University College of London.  She lives in Dubai with her husband, John.

Isabelle Pujol, Coach & Facilitator, Belgium & France


Isabelle is the founder and director of Pluribus, a consultancy committed to develop individuals, teams and organizations to succeed through diversity and inclusion. She provides strategic consulting, designs and facilitates dialogues with leaders from various global organizations to create a truly inclusive performing culture.  

She is committed to support women and men in fulfilling their full potential by understanding and valuing their respective cultural differences. She is passionate about supporting their unique leadership journey and helping them reconnecting with their inner voice and authenticity.

Isabelle lives in the area of Brussels and is married to Jean-Marc. They have 2 children, Raphael and Sarah. 

Nicola Shearer, Board Member, Coach & Facilitator, Singapore


Nicola is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) who supports individuals and groups to transform themselves, their teams and their businesses through coaching and leadership development. Past and current clients include FTSE100 companies, Public Sector Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs. Nicola’s global coaching and facilitation work is based on over 20 years commercial and organizational development experience living and working in UK, China, Taiwan, South Africa and Sierra Leone. This includes 10 years as a commercial executive in the Energy Sector.

Nicola has been trained by the Coaches Training Institute in Co-Active Coaching and is a member of the International Coach Federation and The Association for Coaching UK and abides by the ICF Code of Ethics. She also holds a Masters degree in Engineering from Oxford University, an MBA from Durham Business School, is accredited in Myers Briggs and FIRO-B.

Life purpose – “I am a fiercely passionate woman, who gently holds your truth and calls forth brilliance”

Laurie Shiparski, Board Member and Facilitator, Colorado, US

Laurie Shiparski has dedicated her life to bringing hope and healing into the world to help people move through change. Laurie's’ leadership experiences span over 38 years in health care including; critical care RN, hospital management, and entrepreneur in public and private companies. She is currently a principal at Edgework Institute, a leadership and healthcare consulting company where she is a catalyst for personal and organizational change. She implements innovations in leadership & business development, finances, hospital operations and clinical quality.

Laurie is an international speaker, author of 5 books, and many articles. She has a blog: "Edgework: Navigating Challenging, Edgy Experiences in Life.” She is also an artist who creates hope and healing pieces and teaches intuitive art experiences. As a faculty member of "Coming Into Your Own", she leads women's leadership retreats in Denver, CO where she lives. Many have benefited from her leadership and healing presence.

Michele Steckler, Coach & Facilitator, US

Steckler.jpgMichele is the founder of Fly Loft Group, a workshop facilitator, thinking partner and coach. Fly Loft Group is a collective dedicated to supporting the next generation of young leaders, fostering multi-generational connections and guiding individuals and organizations through periods of transition. Through a narrative framework that combines storytelling, generous listening and reflection, Michele creates space where people feel safe to explore, grow and create. Her expansive career in the theatre included more than a decade with Disney Theatrical, where as Senior Producer she led celebrated creative teams to success on Broadway and around the world.

Michele is passionate about building bridges and honoring the human instinct to connect. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Vermont and divides her time between New York City and Columbia County, NY, where she also serves as wine director at a local farm-to-table restaurant.

Maija Van Langendonck, Facilitator, Belgium


Maija is a corporate entrepreneur with over 20 years work experience. She would describe herself as a people – culture and change strategist. She has held various commercial and strategic HR roles across different companies and industries including Cargill, NATO and Management Centre Europe. Maija is currently EMEA HR and Inclusion Lead for Global IT within Cargill.

Areas of expertise range from sales – organizational development – talent management – leadership development – HR strategy to Change leadership, with red threads throughout her career being Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion. She values co-creation and is driven by the opportunity to help people and leaders see their gifts and rise to their full potential, strongly believing in Strengths based performance.

​Being a member of the CIYO faculty is my way of seeking to maintain balance and stay true to my values of authenticity – sharing, empowering others, development and self-care. Maija was born in the UK – grew up in Belgium – lived in North America and now in Brussels area with her husband and 13 year old daughter.