The Symbols Way

With the input of many in our creative community, we have manufactured a new edition of The Symbols Way Kit. Particular gratitude to Virginia Gillespie for her research and to Vessie Ivanova for the gorgeous artwork.



The Symbols Way is a kit with instructions and support material to help people refocus their purpose and direction, ground insight around next steps, right timing, and movement within a larger context.

At a personal level, The Symbols Way is a way to reflect on your calling unique to the phase of life you are in.  The process yields personal clarity, rooted in one’s central core of meaning. At an organizational level, it reviews current reality and reaches into relevant and meaningful possibilities for the future.



The kit is designed for those who have experienced the process.  Instructions and the sequence of questions are included.  If you do not have experience, you can find a The Symbols Way Practitioner to work with. 

To order in bulk or if you would like a leasing agreement to use The Symbols Way kit in a group setting for which you are paid, please email us.

Order The Symbols Way kit through Paypal at the link below
Cost:  $35 each plus Shipping; Bulk rates available
Shipping:  $6.45 within US, $10 to Canada & Mexico,  $13.50 to Europe, Asia, & UK