iPhone App

100% of CIYO App profits go to our CIYO Scholarship Fund to support women who might not otherwise be able to enroll in a CIYO program due to financial challenges.

This app is a tool to help overcome blind spots and gain a broadened perspective, enabling clear action by answering a series of questions designed originally for the CIYO program.

The app uses four leadership archetypes that, when clearly identified, allow the user to examine specific challenges in the light of these vantage points. You will note which ones you use habitually, and find that the underused ones will likely unlock the stuck places.


Features included in app:

  • Ask a Question- Follow a series of questions to bring new understanding and insights to a current challenge.
  • Card Set -Reinforce the basics of each vantage point in the illustrated knowledge-base of the archetypes
  • Notes - Quickly jot any notes or insights that come to mind for later on a notepad.
  • Progress - Review the questions and dilemmas you’ve reviewed to motivate further breakthroughs.
  • Motivational Quotes - Receive a new motivational quote after each use.