~ Being an Integral Part of CIYO Global Community ~
We are not alone. There are 52 CIYO faculty and apprentices and over 1000 Alumnae of the CIYO network worldwide, and all of us together bring something different in nature and quality. As members of the CIYO Global Community, which offers the women’s leadership program Coming Into Your Own, we are committed to discover and embrace our individual and collective journey towards wholeness in a way that supports life on Earth to flourish.

Many of us are long-time facilitators and devoted developers of content for leadership programs and coaching. Guild membership gives us access to this vibrant, growing and helpful circle of people: physically and online: via Facebook, LinkedIn (soon to be set up) and the database directory in Nationbuilder.

~ Support in Running Programs ~
This includes the opportunity to organize and lead CIYO programs, posting events on the global CIYO website, posting of events on the monthly Day of Silence meditation emails, community of faculty available for cofacilitation and review of brochures, website, and ideas in the lead up to running CIYO programs. Tutoring on certain sessions or answering design and practical questions on running sessions.

~ Continued Mentoring and Opportunity to Mentor Apprentices ~
Faculty have the opportunity for ongoing peer mentoring on their CIYO journey. There is also a comprehensive apprentice program offered that is tailored to an individual’s experience. The in country existing faculty, their CIYO experience and appetite for leading programs will also factor into the apprentice journey. Mentor Faculty have the opportunity to mentor and guide less experienced faculty on their journey and the opportunity to deliver CIYO programs outside of their home country when invited.

~ Listing on “Who we are” page of CIYO Global Website ~
As people search for programs in their country or wish to engage a coach to support them after their CIYO experience, the “who we are” page is an opportunity to raise your presence.
~ Use of The Symbols Way Process ~
Faculty and apprentice faculty can use The Symbols Way - Guidance on the Threshold of Change - for inclusion in their regular one on one coaching and training and facilitation. You are asked to reference Barbara Cecil as the creator when using the actual The Symbols Way kits. Kits can be purchased via the CIYO website.

~ Quarterly Faculty Connection Calls ~
An opportunity to connect, learn and share ideas with the faculty worldwide in a vibrant, energising circle. Reconnect with and extend your CIYO experience and hear about the continued CIYO activities around the world. This call is a key factor in continuing to grow the CIYO energy and presence in the world. A new feature in 2019 will be cascade calls in local languages to promote inclusion for those for whom English is not their preferred medium of communication. Join us Sept 5 and Dec 5, 2019.

~ Access to Private Facebook Groups ~
For interesting CIYO related articles, just in time support, celebration of CIYO’s delivered and celebration of the fabulousness of CIYO Faculty and Alumnae – we have published authors, poets, and world changers in our midst. There are 3 Facebook pages:
  • Public CIYO Page – this is open to the public for anyone to find out about the CIYO program
  • Private CIYO Alumnae Group Page (383 members)
  • Private CIYO Global Faculty Page (41 Members) 
~ Access to CIYO Database and Faculty Pages/Resources ~
The CIYO website (Nationbuilder) is a one stop shop for all your CIYO resources and guides. An opportunity to find Alumnae and Faculty when on your travels. Login in here to access.

~ Access to New Innovations ~ 
For example, Dorian Baroni’s online Change Starts with You and Change Starts with Your Body program. Barbara Cecil’s online CIYO II and in person CIYO II (check CIYO website for details). In Dialogue with Myself offered by Cecile, Isa et al. Peri Chickering’s collaboration with Klaus Hempfling on co-creating a deep space of inquiry and engagement. Also an opportunity to list your own online program which supports the development of CIYO faculty. 

~ Access to Attend a CIYO for Free ~
Little known fact, if you wish to join one of the listed programs offered worldwide, contact the Lead faculty to enquire if there is space for you to attend the program as a participant. You pay your own travel and accommodation and experience the program as a participant. This is subject to the lead faculty having the space on the program.

~ Access to the CIYO Scholarship Fund ~
Faculty may apply for a scholarship for participants who could not otherwise attend the program. Contact Jennifer to apply.

~ Access to Zoom Video Link ~
Faculty can use the zoom video link to connect with other CIYO Faculty and CIYO participants. Contact Jennifer to reserve.

And finally, in addition to all of the above, the annual $240 USD Guild Membership Fee is a way of giving back to CIYO. To become a trainer of a globally reputable program like CIYO, normally one pays significant fees for a Train the Trainer program and then pays yearly license fees and even sometimes a percentage royalty on each training given in order to maintain the license.

In our case, what we ask is only $20 per month to be able to continue to offer this program worldwide and receive support, guidelines, materials etc. we may need from the Global Faculty and TAI for offering the program.

With the predictability of the fixed fee, The Ashland Institute can forcast its yearly revenue so it can budget for any investments needed to support the faculty (like Nationbuilder introduced in 2018).

Thank you for your attention – your annual Guild Membership Fee invoice was emailed to you. Payments can be made online by credit card or paypal or by mailing a US check to The Ashland Institute, PO BOX 366, Ashland, OR 97520.

Kind regards,
The Ashland Institute Board
Laurie, Liz, Nicola, Stéphanie and Cécile