Attunement Circle
on the last Sunday of each month

~ See Monthly Reflections below ~


Attunement in the deepest sense of the word, is a way of life. As a healing art, its foundations lie in the understanding that there is one Source of life on this planet and this Source is the essential nature of ourselves. When Attunement is shared with another, it allows for balance to be re- established in body, mind, and heart by working through the energy field that surrounds the body.

We will “meet” in silence for a designated half hour once a month. A core of Attunement practitioners will host the occasion, sustaining an energetic space of healing, reassurance and connection with those tuned in. In the quiet each can return to her own center and rest in the clear tone of life that is amplified together.

Chaos in our lives, health challenges, and the trauma of change are invited into resonance with a core of well-being, in a community dedicated to the blossoming of each one.

From this central place of Being the direction for our lives is most easily felt, and all that dwells in the reach of our lives is likewise bathed in the positive current.

Accessing the Attunement Circle:
The Attunement Circle will coincide with the Monthly Day of Chosen Silence that already links alumnae of CIYO programs and others who have been attracted to this practice. Specific times for the Global Attunement connection are below.

At the designated time, sit or lie quietly, using any practice that works to quiet your heart and mind and open to the current that is available.

At the end of the half hour, slowly walk back into the flow of your day.

If you want the Attunement practitioners to be aware of a particular situation in your life that you would like held, you may contact Ann

Global Attunement Times
California 6:00 am
Colorado 7:00 am
New Hampshire 9:00 am
Nova Scotia 10:00 am
London 2:00 pm
Morocco 2:00 pm
Rome 3:00 pm
France 3:00 pm
Denmark 3:00 pm
Netherlands 3:00 pm
Turkey 4:00 pm
Bulgaria 4:00 pm
Madagascar 4:00 pm
Beirut 4:00 pm
Israel 4:00 pm
Dubai 5:00 pm
India 6:00 pm
Thailand 8:00 pm
Singapore 9:00 pm
Tokyo/Japan 10:00 pm
Sydney, Australia 11:00 pm

2020 Monthly Reflections


As this global permission to pause continues, we seem to be coming across new thresholds to be with. We are being invited to reach into places within ourselves and within our communities where we have not been before. How do we hold compassion and patience for ourselves as we turn towards what is coming up during these times? How can the constraints of this time become portals for our creativity to emerge in new ways? We have many questions with few answers. We invite you to be with these questions as a contemplation during the attunement circle this month with us.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones,
Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele





Our essence lives within each of us. Our stories we share and questions we pose carries essence. During this time in our world, we are being given an opportunity to attune with ourselves differently: to listen more precisely. Here is a simple and beautiful example that arose in our check in this month:

Bonnie Jo shared her process of listening and attuning one morning. As she walked into her kitchen asking her usual question of “what do I want to eat for breakfast?”, her listening brought her to the essence of what she was asking, which was “how do I want to be fed this morning?”  For her, the answer that morning was to go out and feed the birds, being with them during their cheery morning feeding. This fed her spirit.

May you be fed by this sharing, as we were.

We will meet you in the attuned field of radiance this Sunday morning. Times are below.


Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele





Hello Friends,

It is during this tender and uncertain time of COVID19, that we send you our love and invitation to gather virtually for the attunement circle this Sunday.

Strong Back. Soft Front. Roshi Joan Halifax shares her practice with us.

Let us sit in the resiliency of life that runs through our bodies from our lineage and through our DNA. Lean back into this deep rooted support. Let us sit with the vulnerability of a softened heart that feels through sorrow, fear, and the unknown. Let us bring this into our shared radiance and listen for what arises in us. Discovery, creativity, and opening happens at the fertile edge of our being in this dance between resiliency and vulnerability.

Blessed be.

Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele



This month we invite you to participate in a collective sigh.

Visolela Namises, a Namibian activist and leader, shares her vision for ecological and human restoration ~ collectively deciding we have enough and turning off all the machines; to let the trees grow, to let the mother nature restore the earth. Visolela's vision brought to our conversation, a wondering: in this amazing technological age, in which so much is available to us all the time, do we choose to unplug and rehumanize ourselves? What are our daily practices that support internal ecological restoration?

Deep in breath. Deep out breath.

A note on timing:  for this month we will be holding the attunement space an hour earlier ~ 8 am est rather than 9.

With appreciation,

Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele




We turn towards the earth and her trees this month to rest in a time of remembrance of these awesome beings and how they connect us all.

The invitation during our attunement time on Sunday is to sit comfortably. Take a few breaths. Bring forward in your minds eye a tree being. With the support of this tree being, visualize a root growing from the tip of your tailbone down through the layers of soil. Expanding roots, settling in, let yourself relax and open to this vast network of interconnectedness that is present from your patch of the global landscape you are occupying.

With peace and love,

Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele



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For More Information about the Attunement Circle, please contact Ann