December 2018

Happy Solstice friends.
We bring the spirit of celebration into this month's attunement circle. We celebrate the unique light each one of us carries. We are all on this incredible human journey blessing the world with who we are. Yea for us! On Sunday morning, December 30th, we invite you to place yourself in the heart of the circle, and celebrate with us.

With joy,
Michele, Ann and Bonnie Jo

November 2018

In the U.S. we are in the season of celebrating the harvest; giving thanks for the richness in our lives. We invite you to celebrate with us on Sunday taking a time out for the attunement circle. Ease into the your heart space of belonging; to the earth, to one another and to the cosmic heart. Feeling blessed by this circle.

Ann, Michele and Bonnie Jo.

October 2018

During these turbulent times, we can feel the richness of life as overwhelm and burden. How do we stay connected to our joy, and have the courage to continue to bring our gifts forward as an offering to the world? This attunement circle invites us to pause and reset our inner compass. To rest. To breath. To remember that we are all in this life together.

Michele, Bonnie Jo and Ann

September 2018

What does the earth ask of us? What does the world ask of us? Are these questions one and the same for us? Or do these questions exist on different paths for us? What is your relationship to the interplay of these two questions? Let us enrich our shared field with this ponder as we meet on Sunday for the Attunement circle.

Ann, Michele and Bonnie Jo

August 2018

Hello Friends,

Tending ourselves is a unique organic process for each of us. We continued to speak to self care in our check in together this month in preparing to hold the attunement circle Sunday morning. We spoke to self care with the sovereign vision of authenticity; being who we are, and continuing to update into our unfolding expression. Attunement in and of itself is a beautiful tool for self care. Attunement also creates the conditions to illuminate what is self care at any given moment for each person.

We look forward to being in the field with you this Sunday morning.

Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele

July 2018

Greetings Friends,

Self care surfaced pretty quickly as we checked in with one another in our monthly conversation. The notion of putting ourselves aside in order to care for our family, our work, or our friends was familiar to each of us. So then this poignant question arose. If it's not me showing up for myself, if I'm putting myself aside, then who is or will show up for me? One aspect of self care is practicing discernment between what is essential and what is non essential for us. Going into the quite and sharing attunement is one way to support this process of discernment and inner clarity. We welcome you to sit with us for this Sunday's attunement circle. The times are listed above.

With love,
Michele, Bonnie Jo and Ann

June 2018

Happy Solstice Friends.

In our attunement conversation this month we began pondering this seasonal shift that is happening for the Earth; correlating the Earth's movement with the creative cycle. Those of us in the Southern hemisphere are heading into the stillness of winter with shortening days. Those of us in the Northern hemisphere are heading into the lightest time of our seasonal expression. This global balance had us in a pause of consideration; noticing that we dance the earth dance of a complete creative cycle together.

May we carry this awareness into our attunement circle this coming silent Sunday.

Ann, Michele and Bonnie Jo

May 2018

Bonnie Jo, Michele and I will have the great pleasure of being together in person for this Sunday's attunement circle. We will be sitting with a group of attunement practitioners in Hancock New Hampshire at this biannual event that Andrew Shier hosts.

One of the rituals of these gatherings that I always appreciate is the cloth that is placed in the center of those gathered that serves as an alter. Prayers are written on paper and placed in a bowl that sits on this alter for the duration of the retreat.

I had an experience recently of placing my mother in law's name in the prayer bowl at an attunement circle last month. She was close to her death and struggling with the process of leaving her body. During the time of our gathering, she took her last breath. I do believe that she was aided by the current of love generated by the field of those of us gathered that day.

Know that during our Sunday morning attunement circle time that we will all be held by a bigger collective. We invite you this month to create an alter for the time we are sharing the field of attunement. Write your prayers on paper and place them in a bowl on your alter. And/or if you would like to send us prayers for loved ones or situations in your life, we will place them on the alter at the attunemnt retreat. You can reach me at:

Many blessings,
Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele

April 2018

Hello Friends! A theme emerged as our conversation unfolded when Bonnie Jo, Michele and I each spoke to our personal dance with being and doing. We explored the places of trigger within, the places of flow, and noticed the tightness and/or ease of transition from being busy to moving into rest. Then a phrase popped out for us: a union of being and doing. The invitation for this Sunday's circle is thus: within our shared field of radiance may we find this union of being and doing within ourselves.

See you in the field,
Bonnie Jo, Michele and Ann

March 2018

Happy Spring and Fall Equinox friends!

During this upcoming attunement circle we extend an invitation to you to settle into your heart space. Using curiosity investigate what sits within. Let whatever you find be, and then expand your awareness into the field of spacious quietude that is activated through our collective attunement initiative. Being seen through the eyes of the heart is a gift we give to others. We can also gift this to ourselves. In these moments we allow the whisperings of the heart to take center stage. Who knows what we will find.

With love,
Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele

February 2018

The thread that wove through our conversation this month brought us to our appreciation of the beauty of humanity; in seeing the Olympic athletes supporting one another in the spirit of fulfilling potential; in witnessing good will extended during a game by teens playing basketball against one another; in being part of conversations with young adults asking difficult questions of life. There is love and blessing throughout this world, if we choose to see it. The times are below for Sunday morning's attunement circle.

In gratitude,
Bonnie Jo, Michele and Ann

January 2018

“Let love radiate without concern for results”. This fundamental attunement tenet wove through our monthly conversation as we acknowledged the fear that comes forth as part of the alchemical process of change. And magician tells us that under fear something new awaits discovery. The attunement radiance informs the field with love. We welcome you into the attunement circle this Sunday morning.

Michele, Bonnie Jo and Ann

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