December 2017

As we ring in the New Year around the world, let us hold the question in our hearts of what rings true for us? Let us listen to the whispers of emergence as we stand together at this threshold . We will meet you in the radiance of the attunement circle Sunday morning.

With love,
Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele

November 2017

How can we be more generous with ourselves? This is the invitation that we extend to you during the upcoming attunement circle time this Sunday. Let's step into the collective field of generosity together, vibrationally activating this life supporting energy.

Playing T.A.G. Thankfulness, Appreciation and Gratitude.

Bonnie Jo, Michele, and Ann

October 2017

We are blessed with the gifts of the 4 leadership archetypal energies that we can utilize on this playing field of change that we are currently living into. And then there is our center. What are our practices of maintaining our center, our verticality? In our collective conversation this month, we spoke to our shared experience of the gift of attunement to enhance a deeper awareness of the center place within where essence resides and from which love flows. Tap into the power of our shared field Sunday morning with us.

With gratitude,
Ann, Bonnie Jo and Michele

September 2017

Moved by the love of the world

we venture all to enter the sacred circle

to cross the threshold of the invisible

to draw closer to god

when at last we find ourselves there

inside the world's holy heart

we discover we have been there all along

born of this world

we give birth to the world in every moment

beloved of the world

we are every moment in its embrace

choosing the world we discover in the end

that the world has already chosen us.

~ unknown poet

August 2017

The resonant theme of our monthly pre attunement circle conversation brought us to questions of how do we digest, not only the foods we eat, but what is happening in our lives, and in our collective world?
Knowing that we are not in control of circumstances and events that come forth in our worlds, and knowing we do have choice in our response in receiving what is before us. Remembering this allows space for unwinding and digesting challenging life circumstances.
We will slip into the attunement current this silent Sunday together, with an invitation to place that which is difficult to digest in your life into the collective circle. Resting
on this wheel on birth, death, rebirth... allowing the attunement current bless us all!

With love,
Michele, Ann and Bonnie Jo


July 2017

This month's shared reflections lead us into the invitation of making a conscious choice during this silent Sunday's attunement circle to relax the jagged edges of our life experiences. Just beyond the jagged edges lies our birthright. Float in the gentle waves of light that is our birthright. As above, so below. Blessings,

June 2017


Bonnie Jo, Michele and I, invite you tomorrow to pause with us at this change of season. Come to stillpoint within. Attune to our global matrix of care.

May 2017

Over the years of participating in attunement classes, my fellow explorers and I share the sense of being in the presence of the "magical" ... a sense I have also experienced in CIYO offerings.
I'd like to demystify this “magical” quality. These intentional spaces of presence create an opening to to be inclusive of our current reality. We turn towards the “unnameable”, the difficult, perhaps the “taboo”, and place it into the circle to be held by the attunement current that connects each one of us to the collective whole. There is the opportunity to be with what is arising in each moment ... to bless and love what is. In this, there is power and perhaps a sense of “all is well” abiding in the undercurrents brought forth from the relief in naming what is.
This silent Sunday, the attunement team, invites each of you to this intentional holding space bringing forth what is current in your life to place in the circle. To bless and love what is. Together.

Ann, Michele and Bonnie Jo

April 2017

In the spirit of blessing the seeds

Bonnie Jo, Michele and Ann greet each of you with and invitation to step into the radiance of the attunement circle.

Sit quietly.

Slip into the rhythm of your breath.

Let the breath bring your awareness into your body.

Be with what is present.

Yes, yes.

Be with the simplicity of non action.

Feel the gathering presence of the collective.

Welcome in the ancestors who support your steps on this earth and let them bless the seeds of inspiration that are stirring in your heart.

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